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Restore Hope

is dedicated to keeping children and teens safe from sexual abuse

and helping survivors heal through education,

prevention training, and survivor support

An invitation from Executive Director, Pam Congdon



Restore Hope was formed by a group of loving and caring individuals who wanted

to do everything we could to help prevent child sexual abuse and help adult

survivors heal.


Child sexual abuse is one of the core problems in our society, and we have a passion to help prevent as many children as possible from experiencing this life-changing trauma.  

Our vision is to create an atmosphere where children can reach their full potential, where they can feel and be safe, and where adults can finally find the healing they have long deserved.


We seek to accomplish this through our three areas of focus: Prevention, Education and Survivor Support.


Here are actions you can take to help make our community a safer place for children and a more supportive and caring place for adults:


Get educated about child sexual abuse

Do you know how many children are at risk?

Do you know what grooming is?

Do you know what the signs of abuse are?

Do you know the most important prevention practices?

Do you know what to do if a child discloses sexual abuse to you?


Be courageous enough to talk about it

Have you discussed the issue with your family and friends?

Have you talked with your pediatrician, day care provider, school and youth leaders?

Have you talked with your kids on a level they understand?


Be a voice of hope in our community

When you volunteer to help Restore Hope, you will learn how much of an impact you can really make. There is a place for everyone using the skills and interest you already have. All you really need is the desire to make the world safer for our children and the courage to try.


I invite you to join us as we share our hearts, our passion and our resources to make a great change in our community. Contact us today to volunteer! 


Be a part of our vision to help the children and adults we seek to serve.


May your days be filled with joy, peace and love.

Pam Congdon

Executive Director

Email Pam


Be a part of our vision!

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