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Restore Hope Board of Directors

 Pam Congdon Board Member
Eric Jones Board Member
Julie Nolta, Board Member
Communications Director
Elsa Tzintzun Board Member
Spanish Outreach Director
Cheri photo.jpeg
Community Outreach Director

About our board members

Pam Congdon


Executive Director

Several years ago Pam retired to start Restore Hope after believing strongly that she was called to serve God and the community by offering healing and support to survivors of child sex abuse. A personal tragedy impressed on her heart, and gave her the passion, to pursue the formation of Restore Hope. 


Pam's first career was 40 years with a national direct sales decorating company where she loved showing others how to make their homes beautiful and relaxing. She excelled in cheerfully meeting the needs of customers and also in training and mentoring other sales associates. She is married to husband, Jack, who is a wonderful helpmate to her as they both work together to help others. 


Pam had an opportunity to see how the judicial system works by being the foreman of the Grand Jury for a month and being exposed to 100 cases. This and other training, including alcohol interventions, co-dependency classes plus an 18 hour relationship course helps her in understanding the importance of cultivating and nourishing healthy relationships. She has also gone through training/workshops to learn how to respond and recognize sexual abuse in children and how to support the victims and their families. 


Pam has always been active in church activities and has served in many volunteer positions. Currently she serves as Deaconess of her church and enjoys the love and fellowship there. 


Creating the vision of Restore Hope has fulfilled a dream as Pam continues daily to commit her time to helping protect children from abuse and bringing the necessary healing to those most deserving. 


President / Survivor Support Director

Eric is a survivor of child sexual abuse (CSA) with a passion for helping other survivors deal with their past trauma and for keeping children and teens of all ages safe from sexual abuse. He understands firsthand the unique life challenges that such abuse brings to its victims and the complexity of the self-work that is required to move toward personally significant healing. Eric is completing a book for survivors, offering hope during the process of recovering from child sexual abuse.

Eric and his wife Loretta work to collaboratively support Restore Hope in its mission to protect children and teens from CSA and help adult survivors find healing. They have six children, 21 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Eric volunteered with the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network for nearly 15 years after losing his first wife to cancer. He has worked in sales and marketing, purchasing, transportation and warehousing, radio, a library, and local government.



Loretta is the mother of three, grandmother of 21, great-grandmother of four.  She received a Training and Development Certificate from Marylhurst University at the age of 56, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marylhurst four years later.  

Loretta says, "As a survivor, my heart breaks when I hear stories from other survivors.  I wish the information people learn from Stewards of Children® and the information  on our website had been around for my parents of how to keep us girls safe. I am thankful for some amazing people in my life and an amazing counselor that have helped me walk into healing.

The best solution is prevention. If you in any way work with children, sign up for our next Stewards of Children® training  class. It is very affordable and will give you the tools you need to protect not only your own children, but all those you come in contact with." 


Spanish Outreach Director

Elsa has brought her love for her Latino community to Restore Hope with the goal of reaching Spanish speaking people by helping create a healthy community. Her love of social justice and value of diversity is shown in many programs and organizations she has worked with; CAUSA, PCUN during May Day; Immigration Action Day, Lobby days and advocating for several causes at the state capitol.


As part of the Latino community, she understands the challenges and barriers the Latino community face. Elsa’s communication skills are varied; she is bilingual in Spanish and speaks a third Native Mexican Indian language.


She currently teaches catechism for 2nd graders at her church in Molalla and works for the State of Oregon as a Human Support Specialist.  She received her Bachelor of Social Work from Portland State University in 2013 and enjoys working in that field. On weekends you can find Elsa doing many fun things with her husband, children, friends and other family members that exemplify the diversity of her culture and interests.


Elsa joined Restore Hope to empower, engage and unite the Latino community and is a strong advocate for all areas of child sexual abuse prevention and survivor support. She serves as our first bilingual facilitator for our Stewards of Children® training.


Community Outreach Director

Cheri began her first career at the early age of fifteen (15) in a job that fit her passion for helping and educating others. She served 10 years with the Spokane, WA. Parks Department. She loved teaching children ages 5-18 in drama, art, sports, storytelling, etc. 


Cheri obtained a degree in Education from EWU and a Masters from U of P. She taught preschool through college aged youth for numerous years while living in Washington, Montana and Oregon.


Cheri’s leadership role during her 35 years at GICW enabled her to create programs and training for the company employees, clients, and high school and college students. She assisted writing and auditing company standard Operating Procedures, company audits, conducted assessments, group and individual counseling, crisis intervention, and consultation and referrals.


Cheri and her husband Gary were HS sweethearts and will celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary this year. They adopted a special needs child in 1983 when the child was 3.5 years old.


Cheri was a Girl Scout leader for 12 years, a Sunday school teacher at her previous church and currently serves in the Dorcus Women’s group of her present church making quilts for children and senior shut-in’s. Cheri also serves as a Board member of her church, First Baptist Church of Gresham (FBCG).   


Cheri joined the Board of Restore Hope in 2021. Being a public-school teacher and advocate, in addition to having a friend whose child suffered and survived sex abuse for years; Cheri was led by the Lord to support Restore Hope in its mission to protect children and teens from child sexual abuse and help adult survivors find healing.



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Loretta Jones
Mark Mabbot
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