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from the front lines of the fight against child sexual abuse

Let me ask you a question.  How would you react if you discovered a trusted relative was sexually abusing a child in your family? Or maybe the abuser is a highly respected, influential person in an organization you support. Would you be outraged? Or would you worry about what people think about your family or that organization?   Unfortunately, when most people have the opportunity to protect a child’s well-being in a sexually abusive situation, they choose to preserve the reputation of the family or organization rather than coming to the aid of the child. They choose to do nothing.

Leaders of Restore Hope have the same life experiences you do, but we have a a passion and PURPOSE we want to offer and share with others to help make our world a safer place for children.

IMAGINE . . . . . It’s easy if you try . . . . . a different world with healthy, happy children . . . . . . . we don’t want to see them cry!

Predators deliberately seek employment and volunteer positions where they will gain the trust of kids, their parents and everyone around them. Parents need to be mindful of this when placing their kids in sports, camps, or youth-serving organizations. Sports Organizations need to be mindful of this when hiring. Child sexual abuse is rampant in sports because the parents are blinded by their own hopes and dreams of their kid making it to the next level.

As L.L. Conrad, I write contemporary romance novels that focus on less than popular themes of our time. Mental health issues are featured if not predominantly, then to some degree, as is childhood exploitation. The reasoning as to why it is so important for me to get the word out has to do with my own history of being subjected to neglect and abuse. On one hand, I can identify with those who were exposed to things that no child should have to face. While on the other, it is not enough to simply relate to them. There is an obligation to do more.

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