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A vision for our future community resource and recovery center

a vision for our future

Restore Hope’s vision is to build a Community Resource and Recovery Center that will address the many facets of the epidemic of child sexual abuse that affects our community daily.  As our organization grows, so does our awareness of the necessity for protecting and valuing children. 


We are seeking to inspire and connect with others who also look for fulfillment through helping this cause.


We are doing what we believe is our mission and our calling; to help and serve others. What better way than to launch a resource and recovery center that answers this call. 


We want to build a center where we teach others how to protect children from sexual abuse, support adult survivors and help them receive the healing they need and deserve.


The center will be a welcoming, comfortable place, close to town in a semi-rural and tranquil setting. Our leaders have a strong sense of community and serving, and will welcome others into this caring and loving group. Our trained facilitators will lead prevention classes, and individual counseling and adult survivor support groups will be led by professional therapists.


Will you help us toward this goal of providing a community resource and recovery center? 

We can all do something right now to protect the children in our care and to come along side a survivor who is hurting and needs to find the way to health and healing. We need individuals, organizations, community leaders, and those who can join us to help make a difference.


Please call or email us and tell us your ideas and how you would like to help. It will take all of us to turn this epidemic around. 


We thank you for looking to Restore Hope as a place you would like to serve and support.



Pam Congdon and the Restore Hope Team


EMAIL US   •    503-667-1189

Becoming agents of social change is a privilege as we continue to move communities into action.

Let’s not rob another generation of the protection tools they need.

Rather, let’s empower survivors to be able to turn their knowledge, healing,

and passion into services of helping others. 

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