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  • Svava Brooks

Why starting each day with love and gratitude is so important

be grateful journal

No matter how bad it gets or how dark you feel, you can always find something to be grateful for. Hey, you’re still alive, right? You’re able to take one breath after another. That may be all you have to be grateful for in this moment, but it’s enough to get you through to the next moment.

That is how I got through some of the hardest parts of this journey. And now I've gotten even better at practicing gratitude and I begin each day by focusing my thoughts on what I am thankful for, focusing on who I am TODAY, and accepting myself without judgment.

Because I have experienced what you are going through, because I have faced my fears and accepted my broken parts in these dark places, I can now look anyone in the eye and tell them, "I see you, I know who you are, and I know what you are. You are just like me, learning how to accept yourself. I will never judge you."

So if you’re struggling right now, be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Put your hand on your heart to comfort yourself. Be there for yourself.

By being gentle, kind, loving, and accepting with yourself, you will foster a strong, happy relationship with the most important person in your life, the only person that can truly make you feel happy and loved: You.

be grateful

The happier you are with yourself, the more content you’ll be with your life. Why? Because when you love yourself, you will truly know how to love others, unconditionally, as it should be. And loving yourself unconditionally will set you free.

Life will continue to present challenges, but you won’t dread them or worry about them like you used to. You’ll know you can handle them because you finally accept and trust yourself.

Remember this: the truth is always true. You are a human learning how to love. You have the power to decide what’s true for you and what isn’t. But there are some things that will always be true:

  • You’re a good person

  • You’re lovable

  • You’re enough

  • You‘re valuable

  • You’re a blessing

  • You’re a miracle

No matter what happened to you or who hurt you, these truths will always be true. Add them to your daily gratitude list every morning. Meditate on them. Let them sink deep into your soul.

This list is your truth. And the truth of who you are can never be taken from you. This revelation feels awesome, doesn’t it? It should. It’s the real you!


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