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  • Pam Congdon

A New Year - A New PURPOSE!

Preventing child sexual abuse

What do we have within ourselves to live a life filled with PURPOSE? Where does our PURPOSE come from, and how does it affect the way we think, communicate and interact with others?

“People have to identify with a purpose, to a feeling of belonging to,

and contributing to something worthwhile.”

- Mary Crowley

Leaders of Restore Hope have the same life experiences you do, but we have a passion and PURPOSE we want to offer and share with others to help make our world a safer place for children.

Our PURPOSE centers on what we have been called to do:

  • Our PURPOSE is – “not one more child” be harmed by child sexual abuse, but are loved, nurtured and protected.

  • Our PURPOSE is - to give all parents, educators and those caring for our children and youth tools to prevent abuse, and to learn the appropriate responses to concerns or discovery of abuse.

  • Our PURPOSE is - to give children tools to learn the tactics of abusers, be taught to respect their own boundaries, and the courage to report ongoing abuse or anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • Our PURPOSE is - to value all survivors and their stories, and to offer paths to healing that will allow them to grow from victim to survivor, from survivor to thriver and finally to warriors.

  • Our PURPOSE is - to offer hope to our community and nation, share the facts of this growing epidemic, and offer ways to become dedicated advocates for those who are most vulnerable.

  • Our PURPOSE is - to have friends, family, co-workers and community leaders join us with their support of time, their voices, and financial gifts toward protecting children and supporting survivors.

As we start a New Year we look to each of you for HOPE and the fulfillment of our PURPOSE! We thank you for joining us in whatever way you feel moved to do.


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