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No matter how bad it gets or how dark you feel, you can always find something to be grateful for. Hey, you’re still alive, right? You’re able to take one breath after another. That may be all you have to be grateful for in this moment, but it’s enough to get you through to the next moment.

That is how I got through some of the hardest parts of this journey. And now I've gotten even better at practicing gratitude and I begin eac...

Something that helped me immensely on the healing journey was to get educated about the manifestation of trauma and the impact that abuse has on survivors and their well being. It was especially helpful in the beginning of my journey, when I was still in denial about the abuse I suffered and how it impacted me.

What does becoming the change you want to see in the world look like? So many victims of child abuse and trauma are stuck because they don't know that things can be different. Their inner world of tension, fear, and distrust has become their outer world. They have been living this way for so long that they don't know that things can shift and they don't know how or where to start.  Then one day, they realize they...

My childhood has been filled with joy and pain, some of that pain was from being sexually abused during my childhood. This has helped build who I am today; with this experience I have found it necessary to explore who I am and what my experiences mean to me. This is how I found beauty within me. Some people would think that a “Victim”/ a “Survivor”/ an “Abused” person/ etc. would live life always thinking that they are “ugly...

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