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texting and internet safety


According to the Pew Research Centers Internet

and American Life Project, American teenagers

are sending more texts than ever before.


•  75% of kids ages 12-17 have cell phones 

•  The average kid now sends 50 texts a day

•  54% of kids say they text daily

•  Texting has taken away the art of conversation

•  Without proper guidelines this can be very costly 

•  Sexting can damage your child's reputation

•  Cyber-bullying sadly has led to children committing suicide



Internet Safety

•  33% of teens have been cyber-bullied

•  69% of teens admit to talking to strangers on line

•  20% of teens admit to sending or posting inappropriate photos 

•   76% of offenders meet their victims in chat rooms

•   77% of teenagers say they have been approached on-line for sex

•  False identities are easy to create, leaving your child open to online predators

•  Help your children understand information posted on line isnt always private

•  Keep your computer in a frequently traveled room of your home  

•  Parental involvement is the best guarantee a child will have a safe experience

•  Talk with your child about the dangers of social networking websites and chat rooms

•  Know who your kids are talking to on Facebook or other social networking sites

•  Install software that will block, filter and alert you to inappropriate activity

Online pornography

•   There are 4.2 million pornography web-sites

•   90% of children between the ages of 8-19 have viewed porn 

•   There are 2.5 million porn e-mails sent every day

•  Your child can be open to accessing adult chat rooms or pornographic websites             

•   It is estimated that there is a child molester within each square mile of our communities

What you need to know about...

For more information and resources for keeping your kids safe online, visit these websites:

Enough is Enough -  protecting our children online


Net Nanny – family protection from pornography, sexual predators and cyber-bullying


Protect Your Kids Now - offers software to protect your child


Safe Kids  - kids rules for online safety


UKnowKids – keeping kids safe online and on the mobile phone



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