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Our Tribute to

Former Board Member and Friend


Norb Paulus

Those of us who were able to know and love Norb are very fortunate people. He was a friend, a mentor and someone we could trust unconditionally.  Knowing Norb was a blessing and fun all at the same time. His sense of humor was like nobody else’s as he was special and unique. His emails were the best and you always knew that an email from Norb was going to be really funny, so you would open it with great anticipation and were never disappointed.


Norb was a gentleman’s gentleman. He had gracious ways when we had group dinners together, and he always wanted to be the last person to go through the line and always put others before himself.


Norb was smart and wise, possibly from all his years of serving and helping others at United Way, but also because he lived his faith and let the Holy Spirit guide him when he gave comfort to others. When there was a challenge or conflict, he was the person to go to and talk with, and his wisdom always seemed to be right on. He made you feel safe when telling him your problems and then comforted you when something was just too big to handle on your own.    


Wise, witty, and wonderful describes Norb and we can all be thankful to call him a friend. When we started Restore Hope, he was the first board member, and he fell in love with the idea of helping sexually abused children. Norb did our 501(c) (3) paperwork which was an inch thick, but all I had to do was sign the form and send in the money. How awesome! You can probably imagine how relieved I was! Norb helped make our Restore Hope meetings, events, legal obligations and financial responsibilities so much easier.


I remember telling the group that they could wear jeans to the antique fair and later found out that Norb was not comfortable with that as he had never worn jeans in his life. He always stayed the same happy person that we loved while remaining true to himself.


The quality of your life depends on your attitude and the way in which you approach and plan it. That just proves that the road you take is just as important as the destination. Norb's final destination has been revealed, and we thank God for welcoming him with open arms and are thankful that he has no more pain. I can just visualize the smile on Norb’'s face when he heard the words, "Welcome home, you did a wonderful job, my good and faithful servant!”


Norb Paulus, you will be remembered and you will be missed. Thank you for leaving such a rich and fruitful legacy by making an impact on others. May God hold you close.


We love you!   


Pam Congdon and the Restore Hope Board
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